5 Steps To Get Your Hashtag from Nothing to Trending

Yes, it is the digital world now! The one where every tom,dick and harry is on social media! With millions of hashtags floating around Twitter, how can you ensure that your hashtag does not get lost in the noise? Well, getting your Hashtag to trend is a sure fire way of getting your hashtag noticed! Too many have tried and failed miserably at this.

Why Join Influenzer?

Influenzer is a community of Influencers who love trying new products! With that being said, let's talk about why you should be part of this interesting community.



Sales Manager Job Description

Influenzer is a Social Media Marketing Startup. We are a community of Influencers who leverage the power of social media. We currently have over 1,500 members and estimate to have 5,000 members by end of May. We’ve a unique social media marketing strategy which is new to India and has been widely used in USA and UK. 


Women's Safety is a major matter for concern in India. At such a time women should be alert and be prepared at all times. Women have known to use pepper spray for their protection for ages. In this new age of technology we could use something more advanced than pepper sray. We at Influenzer have reviewed a few Mobile apps dedicated to Women's safety.

Brands Love Feedback

Have you used a product lately and wished you could provide your feedback?  

Yes it is possible and Brands love your honest opinions!

It could be things that works for you in a product and what you think can be improved.

The best responses from users are always able to start a real conversation.

Tell us your story, we will make sure you are heard.

Myths about Driving Drunk

We are not the official Myth Busters, but we really want to bust the myths on Drunken Driving. If you knew they Myths and the facts you would probably never consider driving when drunk ever!

Myth: Drinking alcohol within the legal limit is safe.