10 Indian Fashion Bloggers you have to follow!

“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future!”

― Coco Chanel

In India, textile and fashion has always been synonymous with tradition, texture and seasons. A lot of our Indian designers are now making heads turn at international events & events at home. With the surge of social media platforms, fashion and trend spotting has become more accessible to fashion lovers. In the digital space, Bloggers & Influencers have been instrumental in bringing world trends to their viewers and followers and they need to be applauded for their keen sense of fashion and their passion for showing it to the rest of the world.

The following bloggers have taken a firm hold of the trends and made a name for themselves by showing innate sense of individual style. Here are our picks for the top Indian Fashion Bloggers:

Akanksha Redhu: Akanksha started her blog in 2010 as a way to chronicle ideas & inspirations. Her posts vary from beauty, fashion, trend spotting to places she wants to visit, her wishlist for the season and high fashion events. Head on over to her blog to see the seasons’ latest trends, her take on it and tips on how to style.

Rhea Gupte: Rhea blogs at The Fuss founded in 2012 and her style is quirky, classy and her portfolio is a delight to watch. Armed with the degree in Fashion Communication, Rhea has collaborated with some of the biggest brands to create eye catching content. Hailing from Goa, Rhea’s editorials are a sight to watch if you are a fashion addict. Head on to her block to see more of her style.

Ruhi Sheikh: Ruhi blogs at The Republic of Chic and as the name suggests, she shows her sense of style, the upcoming trends and gives beauty tips to her followers. Head to her blog to see the trends around Bangalore and events.

Ritu Arya: If hipster grunge is your style then you cannot give Ritu’s Razzle Dazzle Pickle a miss. A design graduate from NIFT Bangalore, Ritu is passionate about music and fashion and she fuses the two to create spectacular posts for her visual platform. If themes and stories are your thing when it comes to fashion, then you should definitely give her blog a visit.

Masoom Minawala: Masoom blogs at Style fiesta diaries and has claimed a niche for herself amongst the established fashion bloggers in high street fashion. Her blog is a combination of style and trend spotting, fashion favorites and her own high street fashion and accessories portal. She also talks gives tips on where to buy what statement piece in e-commerce sites making it easier for her viewers to make their purchase!

Shalini Chopra: Banglorean fashionista Shalini blogs at Stylish by nature where she blogs about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and events. Her style ranges from vintage to couture & street style which takes in the trends that are in during the season. Head on over to her blog for some serious fashion  overdose.

Rasshi Gaur: Rasshi blogs at Blah and more. She blogs about fashion, hair & skin and best place to trendy fashion from in her blog Blah & More. Armed with a Masters in Fashion after a degree in Literature – her blog is the perfect place for you spend your lazy afternoon browsing for some eye catching fashion!

Manvi Gandotra: Style comes naturally for professional photographer & experienced fashion writer Manvi and that’s exactly what she does at Style Inked where she blogs. She started her blog to bring fashion to people around her and also has a DIY section where she gives her readers a great many tips to try out different things in fashion. Head over to her blog right now to check it out!

Mehak:  Delhiite fashion blogger Mehak blogs at peaches and blush. An economist by education and fashion blogger by passion, Mehak’s blogs are a delight to readers as she pens short, concise and honest opinions about her experiences and opinions on fashion and beauty. Go to her blog for your daily dose of fashion & beauty eye candy!

Gia Kashyap: Writer at Gia Says That, Gia is a skilled graphic designer who started her own T-shirt business when she was 18. Her main inspiration comes from color, texture and compilations and this reflects on her style and posts in her blog. Go check out her blog to know more about fashion & lifestyle!