27 Top Indian Food Bloggers!

Top food bloggers in India:

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Be it simple dal or an elaborately prepared dum biryani, you name it, they have tried it. Thanks to internet and the easy set up blogs, information dissemination has become much easier than old times. The people mentioned below are exactly the same kind, who have full jobs or have quit their jobs to pursue their passion of cooking. Here’s a list of blogs we absolutely love visiting again and again for their recipes in no particular order:

1. Saffron Trail Kitchen: Armed as a qualified individual in nutrition specialization, Nandita Iyer runs the saffron trial kitchen blog and fills it with yummy dishes made out of nutritional fruits and vegetables. Currently living in Bangalore, Ms. Nandita has had her content published in Men's Health, Mint, BBC Good Food, Femina, DNA, Complete Wellbeing, Mother Baby, Yowoto.com among others. She also has a youtube channel – Saffron Trial Kitchen where she shows how to make quick healthy food that looks divine and comes packed with nutrition. Check out her blog here.

2. My Diverse Blog: A self confessed vegetarian who eats egg occasionally, Aparna pens her vegetarian and eggless recipes with passion and clarity in her directions to her readers. Originally from Kerala, Aparna lived in Goa for 8 years and is currently back in Kerala and is cooking up a storm regularly in her kitchen. Follow her blog for yummy vegetarian dishes packed with flavor and Palakkad dominant ingredients. Look for her recipes here.

3. Lite Bite: Lite bite is the brain child of Sanjeeta KK from Chennai and has a varied list of vegetarian recipes to offer in this blog. An economics graduate, Sanjeeta is a wife, a mother, a blogger and a food stylist. Her climb up the digital world is truly noteworthy as she started as a novice in the digital arena and is now keeping busy with blogging, cooking, keeping house, food styling and photography. Check out her blog for some tasty vegetarian recipes guaranteed to delight your taste buds!

4. One Hot Stove: If you are looking to browse for a wide range of cuisines to choose your dish for a gathering, then Nupur Kittur’s one hot stove is the place to be! Nupur’s blog is an amazing mix of cuisines and courses all guaranteed to make your taste buds tingling. Hailing from Maharashtra, Nupur loves regional food and has also dabbed in a variety of other cusines, some of them being Asian, European, Mexican and Middle Eastern food. Her blog is easily categorized based on different courses of the meal, like breakfasts, soups, dips etc and is a visual delight. Go visit her blog to see it for yourself!

5. Tickling palates: Hailing from the land of temples, Radhika is a mother of two teenage boys who blogs about unique, healthy and fuss free recipes that would please the palates of her family. Her blog consists a wide range of cuisines ranging from Dals to desserts, breakfast and beverages. Visit Radhika’s blog for a great browsing session on recipes, it is delight to watch!

6. Cook’s Hideout: Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, South India – Pavani’s hideout as she calls her blog is a cooking enthusiast’s delight! Currently residing in New Jersey with her husband & 2 kids, Pavani’s cooking skills stretch from yummy chutneys, pachdis, curries and gravies to scrumptious snacks and savories! The most delightful part of her blog in our opinion is the clever way in which she has indexed her blog with images hence making it easier for her readers to choose from her repertoire! 

7. Edible Garden: Nagalakshmi’s blog edible garden is a melting pot of ingredients & recipes that will tempt even a novice to cook and try out the recipes. Now residing in Singapore, Nags (as she addresses herself) is a true foodie who tries out her recipes and shares it with her readers. Her recipes are quick, healthy and delicious! Check out her kitchen experiments here

8. Divine Taste: Mumbai based blogger Anushruti authors divine taste and fills it with vegetarian recipes of scrumptious food that can be done without using non-vegetarian ingredients. The specialty of her blog is that her cooking methods is centred on the satvik method which provides a wholesome taste for food – body, mind and soul. Dive into her blog and discover it for yourself.

9. Veggie Zest: Pallavi Gupta’s blog Veggie zest as the name suggests is a blog centered on recipes that are vegetarian, healthy and nutritious. She stirs up the most delicious vegan and gluten free recipes that leave you spellbound that your favorite dish can be prepared in a healthier way while still keeping the flavors intact. For a fun time, go ahead and visit her blog here and treat your eyes with her recipes and preparations!

10. Raks Kitchen: Chennai girl Rajeshwari chronicles her kitchen escapades in her blog Raks kitchen where she experiments with a variety of dishes. Raks started out as a novice in the kitchen after her marriage and settling in Singapore where she is currently residing and has developed her blog into an amazing reference book of sorts for recipes. Her dishes are smartly categorized into Paneer dishes, bachelor cooking ideas for the ones in a rush and lunch box ideas which may become a quick solution for mothers with kids going to school. Her blogs have a step by step documentation of the entire preparation of the dish which makes it easy for the readers to follow. Check out her blog now. 

11. Kamala’s corner: Kamala Swaminathan’s blog is a repository for authentic South Indian dishes – ranging from breakfast recipes to an amazing assortment of chutneys, chutney pudis and pickles! Hailing from Chennai, Kamala starting cooking at a very young age and enjoyed cooking dishes with her family. This love is seen in her blog through her recipes. Check here.

12. Yummy Tummy: Authored by Aarthi, yummy tummy is the place to be if you need to prepare yummy dishes in shorter amount of time. Aarthi gives you tips and short cuts into bettering your cooking through her usage of different techniques while approaching a recipe. She started cooking when she was in college, moved to a research backed job role but quit it all in the end to indulge herself in her passion for cooking. Her blogs are simple, detailed with step by step illustration and she also provides video tutorials of it on her Youtube channel. Catch up with Aarthi on her blog for some amazing treats!

13. Sailu’s food: From humble street food like gol guppa to complex dum biryani, Sailaja Gudivada is the main author of this blog who writes all the recipes of the delicacies. Hailing from Vizag, Sailaja picked up her love for food by watching her mother and grandmother cook the most simplest and complex dishes through practice and dexterity. Her connection with food is emotional and cooks up amazing dishes from different parts of the country and other parts of the world. Read her blog here.

14. Monsoon Spice: Karnataka girl Sia chronicles her kitchen trysts and trials at Monsoon spice. Born in Puttur, she was brought up in the coastal region which is one of the most flavor enriched regions of the state. Her story can be used to motivate non cooking enthusiasts to take up cooking, as she also has learnt and mastered the art of cooking through trials and the wish to feed people around her with good food once she got married and moved to the UK where she currently resides. Visit her blog for mouth watering recipes for appetizers, Thai dishes, authentic Karnataka dishes, Indo- Chinese cooking and more.

15. Aayi’s recipes: Shilpa’s blog is a testament to Konkani recipes. Shilpa belongs to North Kanara district of Karnataka and is a software engineer who is now living in the US with her husband. Her family plays a big role in the success of her blog where she spews out the most tasty looking dishes involving fresh vegetables, eggs, poultry & seafood. The unique things about her blog is the “How to” section where she gives her readers tips on how to prepare certain masalas or how to clean a crab, the south Indian way! 

16. Masterchef Mom: Uma Raghuraman is the mastermind behind this blog that gives you a taste of South Indian breakfasts and other cuisine. As a mother of a fussy child, Uma was propelled to come up with interesting ways to feed her child with nutritious food. Her blog is a healthy mix of traditional South Indian breakfasts, cooking tips and bakes. She has shares recipes of vegan and gluten free dishes which are definitely note worthy in case you are trying to start a healthy lifestyle or are well on the way and are looking for tasty options for your diet. Check out her blog here.

17. Cooking with SJ: Shruti J. authors this blog which gives you a range of recipes that are packed with flavor and vary from street food to café food. Born in a typical “gujju” family as she says it herself, she was surrounded by foodies but turned into a blogger who documented her cooking experiments after she got married. Her blogs are engaging, colorful and detailed hence making it easy for you to follow her recipes step by step. 

18. Flavor Quotient: Full time professional and foodie, Priyanka is a blogger who lives in Bangalore with her husband. She is a Bengali & like all Bengalis, loves her food. She and her husband both are foodies who love trying out new dishes and her husband mostly helps her put with the food photography of her blog. She likes to bake and whips up some amazing items on her blog. Go check out her recipes here.

19. Chitra’s Food Book: Chitra’s blog is a South Indian dish lovers’ delight! There’s more! She not only blogs about south Indian food, she also tries out new and interesting recipes and shares it with her readers. Her recipes are clear and there are step by step images on how the dish is turning out making sure that the readers are not misleaded. She has recipes for bachelors, busy mothers; she also has a list of recipes for chutneys, chutney pudis and kozhambus which makes her blog a must visit. If that wasn’t enough, her blog also has no onion no garlic recipes that are absolutely mouth watering! 

20. Vegan Richa: Richa Hingle is a prolific and award winning recipe developer, blogger and photographer. She resides in Seattle in the US and is an inspiration to all people in general. Having defeated brain tumor after being diagnosed, she follows her passion of trying out new vegan dishes and also fosters puppies. :) Her recipes have a lot of clarity for her readers and her step by step pictures makes it easier to navigate through the same. Her entire blog consists of vegan recipes that are a delight!

21. Passionate about baking: Gurgaon blogger Deeba Rajpal’s blog is a treat to the eyes! And you would not expect anything less from an accomplished food stylist, food writer & recipe developer like her! Simple, clear and authentic – follow her blog for some sinful treats both for the eyes and the stomach! 

22. Archana’s Kitchen: Archana Doshi’s blog is a juggernaut of healthy and tasty recipes just waiting for any food lovers’ eyes! She is the main author of the blog but has collaborated with many bloggers since its inception to produce healthy and nutritious balanced meal to her readers! Her passion is to create high quality recipes that inspires people to take up cooking and begin a healthy life. 

23. Indian healthy recipes: Swasthi is the one woman army behind this vast blog that consists of recipes for mouth watering dishes – both veg & non veg. Originally from Andhra, she now resides in Singapore with her husband and kids. Her blog has an extensive list of recipes ranging from quick Indo-Chinese dishes, Andhra recipes and bachelor recipes. She is a health freak who loves to cook and share it with her friends and family.

24. Chef In You: Run by food loving couple who address themselves as D & K, they put out  Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian dishes which means that there are a lot of vegan, vegetarian, eggless & gluten free recipes. They make an awesome team together where they get together to produce some really scrumptious treats for their followers! Each step of the recipe is documented along with the instructions, making it super easy for their followers to abide by the recipe.

 25. Padhu’s Kitchen: Maintained single handedly by Padhu, this blog has an extensive list of vegetarian dishes – both north Indian and south India. Residing in India, Padhu loves experimenting with food and maintains a vast repertoire of recipes be it for kids, bachelors and simple healthy vegetarian recipes that you must try out!

26. Whisk Affair: Dentist Dr. Neha Mathur is the woman behind the blog that showcases absolutely mouth watering dishes for a cooking enthusiast. All recipes in her blog are tried and tested and so easy to follow, even a non cooking enthusiast to hold the ladle! 

27. Playful cooking: Kankana Saxena’s blog was first created when a friend told her over the phone to start a blog and her ever supporting husband set it up within minutes! Her blog was created by her husband and is authored and managed by her. Her recipes are pictured beautifully by her and it ranges from spiced lattes for winters to chutneys & jams for the summer. She also cooks the most delicious soups, curries, stews, pasta, noodle and many more! You gotta see it to believe it! 

Did your favorite blogger get featured in this list? Let us know in your comments! :)