5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us For Your Brand's Influencer Marketing!

Influencer Marketing is fast becoming one of the most powerful methods of marketing to get people to notice your brand. By getting Influencers to talk about your brand, you will be tapping directly into your target audience hence increasing your outreach & ROI.

With the use of sophisticated tools & vast experience in digital media marketing, Influenzer is the right pick for your Influencer Marketing campaigns. Not convinced? Here are 5 compelling reasons for you to get in touch with us for your influencer marketing campaign.

> 10,000 influencers

As an influencer marketing agency, we have accumulated over 10,000+ distinguished influencers across India & abroad who are experts in their own right and have a solid amount of quality followers. These influencers were painstakingly selected, approached and targeted for signing up with Influenzer.

> Manual & automatic selection of influencers 

Upon deciding the target market, we at Influenzer deploy tools to select influencers that shall suit your brand the brand objective. Once we get the group, a manual check is done to size up who would be the best fit for your brand and then approach them to inquire their willingness to take part in the campaign. Our success rate has been 85% of confirmations upon first contact with our influencers. In addition to this, if we think that a certain influencer is the best fit for your brand & is not registered with us, we will do our best to get them on the bandwagon. In short, we will select the best influencers to take part in your campaign!

> Experienced professionals

We are a small but experienced set of professionals who have vast knowledge in various aspects of marketing, analytics, web development and data procurement. We are always on the lookout for smart marketing practices to enhance campaign experiences for our influencers and brands. Every campaign starts with intensive brainstorming between the team, each member putting in their ideas to ensure a best strategy is thought out for your brand which is easy to implement for you and easy to perform for the influencers.

> Transparency

At Influenzer, we believe in transparency & fair treatment more than anything. What you see is what you get. Every activity is carried out & reported to the brand managers so that you know what exactly is happening in the campaign at any point of time. There are no hidden costs that will jump up within the scope of deliverables of the campaign.

> Analysis of the campaign 

Upon the completion of the campaign, our team shall present you with a comprehensive analysis of the same with all the parameters that define a successful campaign!

So there you have it! If you still have doubts about influencer marketing, mail us at info@influenzer.com regarding your queries or call us at +91-80-2323 5533 & we shall be happy to answer all your queries!