5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Influencer Marketing

While the term influencer marketing is fairly new to the Indian market, many brands have been doing it since the beginning of the millennium. What is influencer marketing actually? Here is the answer:

Influencer marketing is a method in which a few key individuals in a field related to the brand are noticed and targeted to speak about the brand. These influencers are usually ones who has good authority on a certain topic and have a considerable amount of followers who regularly subscribe/ follow their content.

So why would you invest in Influencer marketing you ask? Here are a few reasons why you must invest in influencer marketing if you haven’t already:

> The Consumers Have Moved From Traditional Media

Gone are the days when consumers used to just watch TVCs and print ads for information on the products of their interest. They now have many avenues to check out the review & then making their purchase decision. Many have moved to social media, internet, e-commerce sites & blogs to see the reviews and then make a decision, thus we can easily say that the buyer behavior has changed in the process.

> You Can Obtain Quality Customers Through Influencer Marketing

People follow an influencer or blog and their content because they are already interested in what they are writing. By getting these key influencers to write about your brand, you are catering directly to your target market hence increasing the chances of outreach & conversion.

> More Brands Are Investing In Influencer Marketing

As of 2016, many more brands are increasing their marketing budgets to involve influencer marketing seeing the potential of brand advocacy from influencer turning into sales. If you go by numbers, 57% of the brands looking to cash in on influencer marketing and that is huge!

> 92% Of Individuals Trust Recommendations From Individuals Over Brands (ION)

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful methods of marketing. If people are happy about a product or a service experience, they are most likely to recommend it to their circle of peers & loved ones. It is the same with influencer marketing. An influencer is someone who already has expertise and an hold on his/her audience and they look upto their work and opinions. When they endorse your product and speak well of it, it lends more credibility to your brand.

> It Is More Economical Method When Compared To Traditional Media

Influencer marketing will take only a portion of the amount you may invest in traditional media. Views about your brand will be shared on social media hence amplifying your outreach and promoting brand value!

So here are 5 compelling reasons for you to invest in influencer marketing. If you are ready to take the plunge, we are here to navigate you in the right way!

Mail us your objectives to info@influenzer.com and we will get back to you with a customized influencer marketing campaign plan. With over 10,000 influencers spread across various fields, Influenzer is the right place for you to take the leap!