5 Steps To Get Your Hashtag from Nothing to Trending

Yes, it is the digital world now! The one where every tom,dick and harry is on social media! With millions of hashtags floating around Twitter, how can you ensure that your hashtag does not get lost in the noise? Well, getting your Hashtag to trend is a sure fire way of getting your hashtag noticed! Too many have tried and failed miserably at this. We would like to hand out 5 simple secrets which could get any hashtag trending! 

We hosted a Twitter Contest for one of our Fitness Clients on Feb 26th with the Hashtag - #FitOrNot and it was trending that day! Here we bring to you suggestions from the experts as to how to get your hashtag trending in a day! 

1. Host a simple contest!
Think of a fun topic related to your brand, something which will interest a diverse set of people on Twitter. Now get your creative hats on and come up with a simple yet fun contest for this topic! People will play your game if it is is simple enough. Here are some tips:
- Ask simple questions, so many people can take part

- Accompany each question with rich media - video/image
- The questions you ask can be fun, with no right or wrong answer

A sample question from our #FitOrNot Contest

2. Catchy Hashtag!
This is a no brainer! Having to type a lenghty or confusing hashtag is certainly a put off. Why would you want to put people through the pain?  A catchy hashtag, does catch attention and can lead to a lot of traffic! If you begin with this simple step, you are one step closer to success for sure. 
Make sure that this hashtag is not being used by a competitor.

Hashtag we used: #FitOrNot

3. More Interesting Giveaways!
When you know there is just one winner for a contest, the probability of you winning is low. But if there are going to be 10 winners, with the higher probability of a chance to win, your contest can grab more attention. You can probably give out one Big Prize item along with a bunch of smaller ones. Gift vouchers get a lot of appreciation from participants as they can buy anything with it. You can go for Flipkart Gift Cards, BookMyShow Vouchers or Amazon Gift Cards.

4. Ask for RTs

Yes, this may sound too raw, but you can ask for RTs and you will get it! Much better still, ask your contest players tog et RTs for their answers. The incentive? The one with the most RTs wins a prize! How does that sound? With the fight for the prize, the participants are sure to try each and every way to get more RTs. There are many tools around where you can exchange RTs. It's kind of a tricky thing, whether to consider this against the rules or not. This is upto you. But sure, the RTs will be genuine and will boost your hashtag.

Keep using your hashtag for long enough that it trends. Don't stop when it begins to trend locally. If your hashtag is trending in your city, you need to push futher to get your hashtag trend nationally and then globally. This is where most fail, giving up when you are trending can be a killer! I know it is exhausting, but it helps to have enough people making tweets on behalf of your brand to keep the trend alive. 

Here is a bonus tip!
Maintain a good relation with your followers and you are sure to succeed.