7 Ways to effectively use Twitter & gain more followers!

Twitter has maintained its status quo as the platform for the niche & experts despite Facebook having the most number of users on the social media platform. A successful Twitter strategy is a mixture of both good content and clever engagement tactics. With a huge number of brands focusing on Twitter to create brand awareness, what are the parameters a brand must look into to keep its followers eye time? Here are a few pointers:

1. Have a complete profile

Ensure your official twitter account has a profile picture, a cover picture and a brief and concise description of what your brand does. It is best to use the logo of your company as the profile picture to facilitate brand recall in your followers. The cover picture can be changed keeping in tandem with your current campaign/ message. Make sure you have placed your website link and contact info filled in. Check if the link is operable & not broken before going live with it.

2. Tweet consistently It is very important to tweet consistently.

Tweeting regularly will ensure you appear on your followers’ timeline. You can divide the tweets into categories based on what you want to communicate. For example: services, testimonials, engaging content, interactive tweets etc. 5-7 tweets a day interspersed between 8 am to 8 pm works for twitter. From practice, we have seen that most activity happen in the morning till 11 am and evening 4 pm to 7 pm.

Source: TrackMaven

3. Use visuals to liven up your content

Using visuals like creatives, videos or GIF makes your content more lively and engaging as these help grab eyeball on the twitter timeline. Twitter plays videos in mute for the first 15 seconds in auto play which gives you enough “eye time” from your followers.

4. Indulge in one on one conversations with your top followers

Regular exchange of dialogue between your brand and followers ensures there is a relationship established where a certain amount of familiarity and camaraderie is built. These followers will be your marketers in the future. They will be the first ones to try out your product and tweet about it, thus promoting your brand through word of mouth.

5. Invest in Twitter Ads

In late 2015, Twitter finally revised their Ads strategy and made their Ads accessible to even those with the smallest budget. You can now promote your tweet for as little as 100 INR! The targeting in twitter is streamlined so Advertisers have a range of targeting options to choose from. 

6. Follow relevant individuals on Twitter

In order to grow your Twitter community, you need to pick those whom you think have significant interest in your industry or are inclined to “Like” or RT your tweets. Once you shortlist them, you need to check how recent their twitter activity has been, follow and engage with them.

7. Use relevant hashtags

Using hashtags relevant to your industry is very important to attract followers. A hashtag when used in the right context will bring you followers who will probably stick. This is because your content is of the followers’ interest. You can also engage in conversation with audience of twitter by clicking on the day’s trending topic to build a relationship. 

Now that you know the basics of effective Twitter engagement, do put it into practice and let us know if it worked for you! Do have any tips to add? Comment your replies; we would love to hear from you!