#BeAnInfluenzer Twitter Party on April 11!

Hello Influenzers!!! We're hosting an exciting #BeAnInfluenzer Twitter Party on April 11th from 3pm to 5pm IST! 

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What is a Twitter Party? 
It is just like any other party, where you get to meet similar people and have a fun time! But this is a virtual party on Twitter, so it means that you can be anywhere,wear anything and rock the party by being witty! Team Influenzer will shoot out a few interesting questions your way and the wittiest participants can win Amazon Gift Cards!

What is this Twitter Party about?
The Twitter Party is about our Influenzers (Members) and how they have the power to Influence. Every common man can be an Influencer, we want to unleash that power within you. 
We believe that our members can Influence the best and biggest Brands and their opinion really matters! Lets talk and have fun, it is a party after all!!!

What will you Win?
3 Lucky Winners will Win Amazon Gift Cards from Team Influenzer!

What is Influenzer.com about? 
We have recently launched Influenzer.com which is a platform for Influencers who believe in leveraging the power of Social Media. In other words we are a community of Influencers who are Brand Advocates. We send out free Branded Products to selected Influenzers (Members) and in return our Influenzers just talk about the product on Social Media. Sounds Simple Right?! 

How to become an Influenzer(Member)?
Just Sign in to Influenzer.com with Facebook or Twitter!!

So Mark Your Dates Now!! April 11th from 3 - 5pm IST! 
Make sure to use the Hashtag #BeAnInfluenzer