#BollywoodMasti Twitter Contest June 21st at 5pm IST!


Hello Influenzers!!! We're hosting an exciting #BollywoodMasti Twitter Contest on June 21st from 5pm to 6pm IST! 

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We would love to know that you are coming, please RSVP using the link below!


What is this #BollywoodMasti Contest about? 
This is a totally Bollywood themed contest which will bring out your creative and funny side !! 
Just like there are two sides to every coin, there are two sides to every iconic movie scene as well. One, that we see. And one, that the director wanted us to see. Well it's all a matter of perspective. We are going to share some Iconic Movie Scene Pics with you. You have to come up with Hilarious, Creative and Very Hatke Dialogues!! No points for guessing the Right Dialogue! There is nothing right or wrong here, just think different and have some fun!! This is truly #BollywoodMasti !!!

What will you Win?
3 Lucky Winners will Win Amazon Gift Cards from Team Influenzer worth Rs.1000!

What is Influenzer.com about? 
We have over 3,500 Social Media Influencers as part of our Community!! We are a community of Influencers who are Brand Advocates. We send out free Branded Products to selected Influenzers (Members) and in return our Influenzers just talk about the product on Social Media. Sounds Simple Right?! 

How to become an Influenzer(Member)?
Just Sign in to Influenzer.com with Facebook or Twitter!!

Contest Rules are Here : http://www.influenzer.com/content/bollywoodmasti-twitter-contest-rules
So Mark Your Dates Now!! June 21st from 5 - 6pm IST! 
Make sure to use the Hashtag #BollywoodMasti #Influenzer