Brands Love Feedback

Have you used a product lately and wished you could provide your feedback?  

Yes it is possible and Brands love your honest opinions!

It could be things that works for you in a product and what you think can be improved.

The best responses from users are always able to start a real conversation.

Tell us your story, we will make sure you are heard.

Everyday we use hundreds of products, some of them actually change our lives. Like the time when I found a toothpaste perfect for my sensitive teeth and so on!
We as consumers are a little afraid to try new products because of the fear of the unknown. Influenzer wants to break that barrier of fear by introducing you to some of the latest products which are perfect for you. The best part is that you don't have to pay a penny to try the product, it is totally on us. All we need in return is that you share your honest opinions on Faebook and Twitter. Talk about it so that more people like you can give it a try. We carefully select members who we think are correct for the product by asking you a few questions. Because sending a Toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth to someone who doesn't have sensitive teeth does not make any sense at all! Come join us to know more!