Influenzer Picks : Indian Fashion bloggers to watch out for!

We have hand picked interesting Indian Fashion bloggers for you. We've tired to avoid the generic bloggers, instead we bring to you a interesting take on Indian Fashion bloggers. Right from a Glamourous Model/actress blogger, to an IT girl from a small town who has a successful Fashion and beauty blog, a girl in her early 20's who is a DJ/Model and a Fashion blogger for the plus size women, we have tried to cover it all. Each of the blogs written by these wonderful women is interesting and different! We hope you enjoy this, we sure did! 

1. Maia Sethna

Maia is a wonderful person full of emotions and love, you have to know her to believe it. She is definetly gorgeous, confident and lives life with panache. Apart from being remembered for her performance as the child protagonist, Lenny in the iconic Hindi movie1947 Earth, Maia has modeled for brands like L’oreal, Levis and Godrej, and performed in plays and movies in India and the UK. She also appears in a cameo role in Dia Mirza’s ‘ Love Breakups Zindagi’.  She also holds a degree in English Literature and Drama from University in the UK . Maia’s list of achievements encompasses a myriad range of interests and fields; she travels regularly and she has a degree in photography from London School of Photography as well as one in essential cooking from Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. She is passionate about her blog - Girl Panic and also about her Youtube channel - Confessions of a Model.

When Maia is not busy hosting events for Girl Panic or reviewing products, this beauty with brains handles Marketing and Strategy for India’s paramount luxury travel companies.

About Girl Panic in her own words: "My personal fashion and lifestyle blog came into existence almost 3 years ago. It offers viewers women-centric content and operates as an outfit that looks into social media, marketing and consulting for various brands and organizations within the field. Girl Panic also strives to create social awareness by giving voice to several social initiatives and issues. We have used Girl Panic to talk about several causes and even help in fundraising activities, continuing to create a very special niche in the web space ."

2. Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet is Part time beauty blogger and the author of TGD. The Glamorous Diva, was born out of her passion for make up. She believes that everyone can look glamorous in their own skin. A dash of style, a pinch of motivation , Sprinkle some glitter and you'll shine your best!

Growing up she was a tom boy, But she was always awestruck when I watched my mum put on her lipstick, she looked amazing, just a swipe of lipstick transformed her look. That is where she started to develop her interest in lipsticks, slowly adding on to everything makeup!

You'll find product reviews, make up looks, Do it Yourself projects, fashion, life saving tips, discover celebrity secrets and get motivated all under one roof.She updates her blog almost everyday with posts written by her. 

3. Rati Agrawal and Anwesha Mandal
Lemon Chutney is the brainchild of Rati Agrawal and Anwesha Mandal.Together at Lemon Chutney, they share everything they love and will keep you updated with the latest lifestyle news from movies, books, food,art to all things fashion & Bollywood. 

LemonChutney is about everything.  Rati and Anwesha write about everything we love. From food to travel to relationships, they write about everything the fancyy. You will never get bored when on the website because there is something for everyone.

"As much as we love to share with you, we also love to hear back from you, so do send us your comments, feedback or even a general Hello if you like. :) And Keep it stylish!"

Rati Agrawal

" If born in the 80s you could have imagined me wearinga flapper dress strutting down the street with a feather boa and pearls dangling all around. The heavily lined eyes scrutinizing everything around. In the 21st century the flapper dress would be a bit dramatic, so I express all my drama out on the paper. I am a writer, fashionholic and crazy about books. The love of the word and Shakespeare makes me want to write forever. Romantic to the core, my dream is to wear 'the' Marilyn Monroe dress, eat breakfast at tiffany’s and finally have an affair to remember. "

Anwesha Mandal

"A fashion photographer by profession, when I am not shooting models or modeling myself, I am drowning myself in the world of cinema. Crazy fashion & anything unconventional fascinates me. Always looking to discover new styles & interesting point of views, I will introduce people from different fields with unique visions to you. I dress my mood & pick up one of a kind pieces wherever I go and travel excites me while nature calms me. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way so I encourage dressing your personality than following trends blindly."



4. Hetal Shah

Hetal is an IT post graduate who found her passion in Blogging about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel. Her blog My Fashion Villa is an Indian Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog with excellent readership base and social media presence. It is the home for the latest fashion news and trends.

MyFashionVilla community loves reading about Beauty Tips, Shopping Ideas, Online Shopping tips, Beauty Product Reviews, Outfit Ideas and Travel. Moreover, we celebrate love and oneness through hosting contests and giveaways, making it happening place for our readers. Since the year of establishment MyFashionVilla has grown exceptionally well and committed to grow bigger in the coming days.

5. Shanaya Sardesai
Shanaya Sardesai, a 20 year juggles between being recognized as a DJ, Blogger, Model, and a fashion enthusiast to pin point a few. Modestly put, her blog Little Miss Sinner is her visual documentary of her every day fad, vogue, trends, products, running thoughts and inspirations, decorously put together in a collage.

A Management graduate, she has readily lend out her creativity and individualism to brands like Maybelline New York, L’Oreal Paris, Lakme, Vans and JBL along with a plethora of others. Print media is not untouched by her presence. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Femina, Filmfare, Times of India, Hindustan Times etc. She was the Guest editor for “Femina Made by you” issue 2015, Lakme fashion week official Vlogger 2014, she won the title of “Most hard working blogger” in Beauty and the Blogger (Web series). She is also the face of Fame Fashion. With its inception in May 2012, Her blog today is not just limited to Beauty & Fashion but is also a one stop portal for Lifestyle, travel, health, food and DIY.

6. Dolon Dutta Chowdhury
Dolon writes a beauty, makeup, travel and lifestyle blog Pout Pretty. The blog was born nearly three years back on a whim. She has always been a makeup addict, love reading beauty blogs and one day just decided to start writing one herself. And that’s really how it all began. In her blog, she writes product and service reviews, shares makeup looks, talks about skin and hair care. She also writes about about things she likes, shares her travel stories and about events that she goes to.

Her day job is being a manager in an international bank and her evening/night job is being Pout Pretty! She is a Bengali, who stays in Kolkata and she is a huge makeup addict. She loves travelling and trying out cuisines of different countries, she loves red lipstick and listening to music. She reads a lot, loves spending time with friends and family, watching films and a she is a die-hard Hrithik Roshan fan!

7. Samyukta Sharma
Samyukta is a Software engineer by profession and beauty blogging for a hobby, she loves the paradox in my life - "Life is too short to not wear makeup..." She lives by this thought and encourages all women to embrace it. Makeup doesn't change the person you are or change the looks you've been born with.

Makeup enhances you, it helps you be more confident, helps you be happy and most importantly helps you feel the way you want to.
And that is exactly what her blog I simply love makeup strives to achieve. Simple, quick and everyday makeup looks for everyday and real women that help them look their best everyday is the USP of her blog.

8. Reeneta Dutta
Glamshutter was started as a student hobby two years back, basically to show her passion for casual dressing to her friends and acquaintances. What pushed her into this is the regular college t-shirt they had to wear to college, which was rather boring and monotonous. She tried wearing a set of 5 t-shirts in a different way every day and that's how the basic thought of blogging came. However, it did not take long for the blog to catch up and she started getting a lot of encouraging messages and comments and from then on there was no looking back! Being a plus size blogger in India is a tough decision in itself as you are bound to be sidelined, but I guess the rules are bending now. Slowly but steadily, she is getting women and men readers from all over the world visiting the blog and it’s extremely encouraging. Looking at the variety of the readers and their suggestions, they
 have also started a food and lifestyle section on the blog now! But the focus will always remain on plus size fashion. 

There are only a few plus size bloggers in India, which again is her upper hand too! Encouraging people to wear what they want with a little personal touch, telling them where to shop for their clothes, and mostly, loving and being comfortable in one's skin - that is what she aims to do with my blog. The best part of the blog is that though they cover quite a few varied sections, it’s all based on their personal experience.

9. Roxanne D'souza

Roxanne is a fashion stylist and a writer. She has studied fashion design, and footwear design and development, and also done advanced courses of lingerie design and wedding dress pattern making in Milan. So her fashion knowledge is pretty vast.

She has interned at a fashion magazine, worked as a stylist, designed and styled for fashion shows, styled bollywood movies all while she ran her blog as a hobby. Last year she quit all of that to concentrate on her blog after she won the best fashion blog in India award, awarded to her by Blogadda as she realized she might have some potential here after all. Now she focuses on trends and dressing up and busy with her blog - Head2Heels which is an interesting read!



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