Influenzer's Influencer Marketing strategy

We at Influenzer are proud to be the leaders in Influencer Marketing in India. We have successfully taken the idea of Influencer Marketing to another level. Looks like the time is right to talk about Influencer Marketing in India!! Let's first get to the Basics!!

What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing can be loosely defined as a form of marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential buyers. In the past, brands may have focused on popular bloggers and celebrities but today there is a new wave of “everyday” consumers that can have just as large an impact.

What is a Brand Influencer?

Brands sometimes indetify Influencers by the number of followers they have. But research has shown that just the number of followers does not define an Influencer. A true Brand Influencer should have a lot of knowledge about the product line. For example, a fashion blogger may have 30,000 followers on Twitter, but she might not be the right person to promote a Tech product. But for a beauty or fashion product, she would be the right Influencer. Your expertise on the topic is what matters most. Consider the following interesting equation:

Influence = Audience Reach (# of followers) x Brand Affinity (expertise and credibility) x Strength of Relationship with Followers

Scale of Influencers

First let us understand the Scale of Influencers based on just the number of Followers.
Celebrities are at the high end of the scale of Influencers, with the highest number of followers and outreach. Celebrities can get away talking about a wide range of products and services.
Popular Tweeps, instagram profiles come second as in this digital world they are nothing less than mini celebrities. Such mini celebrities can talk about certain products and services which syncs witht heir profiles.
Bloggers come next, with their loyal followers and interesting niche blogs. Each blogger has a niche and any product reviews in this niche area will make a difference.
The most interesting Influencers are the common everyday people who try products and talk about them. Though they might be on the lower end of the scale based on their followers, do not underestimate their power to influence.

Now let us understand the Scale of Influencers based on the actual Impact and Influence

To understand this, answer two simple questions. When a celebrity shares a product review do you trust it completly? When a close friend or family member shares a product review, do you trust it more? These answers have solved the puzzle. While celebrities do have high followers, the trust factor for their reviews is low because it is clear that the celeb is endorsing the brand and this is a mere advertisement and not a honest opinion.

Popular Tweeps and Instagram users too were in demand earlier, but again trusting the product reviews has been difficult.

Bloggers do get paid for writing product reviews, this is a know fact. So considering this, how genuine can the product reviews be. Also, how many people do read blogs these days? How many people would buy a product just because a blogger says it is good? All these raise some serious important question. But it is true that the reviews written by bloggers are more trust worthy than celebrities for sure.

Our common everyday user wins this round with a clean sweep. When we at Influenzer send free products to members, allt hey have to do in return is talk about the product honestly on social media. They have no hidden agenda to write positive reviews. I am sure reading a review by one of your friends or family has more influence on you and you would buy a product if they recommended it.  If you think you would like to be a Brand Influencer, do not wait any more, join us now! We are a growing community of Influencers who love trying new products, and sharing their honest opinions!!! 

Influenzer can give your Brand an Outreach of Millions! Contact us to know how! 
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