Myths about Driving Drunk

We are not the official Myth Busters, but we really want to bust the myths on Drunken Driving. If you knew they Myths and the facts you would probably never consider driving when drunk ever!

Myth: Drinking alcohol within the legal limit is safe.

Fact: Even a small amount of alcohol slows down reaction time and affects driving skills, besides different people like a pregnant women or a young adult would be affected differently after the same amount of drinks, so not Drinking and driving is the only safe option.

Myth: Driving skills are impaired only at high levels of alcohol in the blood.

Fact: Impaired Driving can occur with very low blood alcohol percentages. For most people, even one drink can affect driving skills.

Myth: Drunken driving accidents are very rare and only limited to festival season.

Fact: Alcohol is responsible for more than 80% of all road accidents. More than 90,000 road deaths occur annually due to drunken driving. However Festivals are specially dangerous because majority of people celebrate by over drinking and making themselves susceptible to alcohol related troubles.

Myth: Coffee can sober up someone who has had too much to drink.

Fact: Coffee can’t sober anyone only time can. By rule of thumb, it takes 1 hour to metabolize 8mg of alcohol which is equivalent to a drink.

Myth: Hard Liqour is more intoxicating than beer or wine.

Fact: A beer can of 360 ml or a wine glass of 150 ml has the same amount of alcohol, as 45 ml of hard liquor and hence also the same intoxication potential.

Myth: Someone who has had too much to drink will look intoxicated.

Fact: Someone’s physical appearance can be misleading. The ability of a person to drive safely depends on his judgment and important motor skills which may not show but would still have been affected.

Myth: The worst thing to happen in case of too much of alcohol is a raging hangover or maybe throwing up.

Fact: You may suffer from alcohol poisoning where an excess amount in your body could kill you or put you in a coma in just a few hours.

Myth: Vomiting helps reduce intoxication.

Fact: Vomiting makes you discard all the food that you have had basically emptying your stomach. Alcohol on the other hand mixes in your blood. Vomiting only makes you feel worse and not better.