Naacho Dil Se Dance Workshop

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What is Naacho Dil se about?

"Naacho Dil Se" conducts Celebrity Dance Workshops in Bangalore! Currently they are hosting a Celebrity dance workshop with the famous and renowned dancer Dharmesh Sir  !! "Naacho Dil Se" recognizes those ardent passionate dance maniacs who Dance in front of their mirrors, who never miss a single show of their dance stars, who drift off into a dream land whenever their favorite dance number plays. Yes, they know you guys and they want to bridge that distance between you and your dance icon.

‘Naacho Dil Se’ brings iconic and celebrated dancers from across the country to Namma Bengaluru, and to you!



We are excited that India’s Best Dancer, Choreographer and Actor, Dharmesh Yelande AKA Dharmesh Sir is a part of this Dance Workshop.
When asked about his life Dharmesh says "I've struggled to be a dancer for 18 years. But 'Dance India Dance' completely changed my life. It gave me a platform to enter the industry. Soon I turned into a choreographer in Bollywood and now a judge on 'Dance +'. It's been an extraordinary journey from a contestant to a judge."
He added that his father had a tea stall in Vadodara. "Even I used to run a 'Misal Pav' stall as I was more into dancing than studies. Before starting my stall, I was working as a peon. I left the job because they used to leave me at 9 p.m., but my dance classes used to start at 6 p.m. I told my family that I'll get money for them, but only when I'll get free from my job at 6 p.m.," Dharmesh said in his quest to share how passionate he has been about dance.

His big break came when he participated in reality show 'Dance India Dance' in which his skills caught the eye of Bollywood choreographers. There was no looking back since, and he earned the 'Dharmesh sir' tag.

Dharmesh then got to work with names as big as Farah Khan and Remo D'Souza, and was also seen in films like 'ABCD: AnyBody Can Dance' and 'ABCD 2'.

Register now, to be a part of this three day dance workshop with the master himself and transform yourself to be one of the finest dancers!! Don’t miss this opportunity to Dance with ‘D’.

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What will you Win?

Winners will recieve BookMyShow Passes,  a chance to meet the one and only Mr. Dharmesh sir and also get a chance to participate in his dance workshop which will be held in Bangalore.

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