Top Indian Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta

That is exactly what these bloggers have done with their amazing travels to various countries! Here’s a list of travel bloggers to inspire the traveler in you!

Aditi Mathur: Author, adventure junkie and travel addict Aditi Mathur blogs at about her travel to various places across the world. She is mainly a travel and lifestyle blogger. She also writes about parenting and gadgets that are in the market to give her loyal readers a well-rounded knowledge in these fields! Head on over to read her blog and partake a slice of her adventures as she lives the life of an Army wife & master digital marketing advertiser.

Rutavi Mehta:  If you are looking for travel diaries into the unknown and the off beaten path, Rutavi’s blog is just the place for you! She loves meeting new people, traveling to unknown places and exploring it like no one has ever done before. She has some unique travel experiences to add to her list 

Neha Lamba & Riya Suri: Friends, digital media marketers & travel aficionados Neha & Riya blog at Escapade Girls where they write about Travel, food and marketing. Their blog has a good mix of places to go and tips for traveler when traveling to a certain place, thus making it possible for their readers to make their choice when they are traveling. Head over to their blog to see what’s in and what’s not! :)

Sidddhartha Joshi: Sid as he is most commonly called, started his blog The Wanderer to share his travel story & his passion of traveling to the world. He is a firm believer in the concept of ‘World without borders’ & believes that through travel, dreams & stories – we can work towards bringing the world together. His blog consists of his travels, travel stories, travel tips and even photography tips for those who have the burning desire to capture the majesty of different places and sceneries. Head to his blog for scenic depictions now.

Lakshmi Sharath: Lakshmi Sharath is one of the most accomplished travel bloggers of the country. A media professional, a traveller, travel writer, blogger and a photographer, Lakshmi is the quintessential traveler who speaks about the world in her blog. She has been formally invited by the tourism board of many countries and has done a beautiful round up of her travelogue! Head to her blog to see wide expanses, cultural highlights & heritage of the world!

Shivya Nath: Shivya quit her job at 23 and has embraced the travel life with unparalleled zeal! 2 years after venturing into traveling and using Delhi as a base, Shivya took a daring step and sold her apartment and most of her belongings to become a traveler of the world. She calls it being location independent and her travel records are proofs of it! Head over to her blog to see adventures!

Dheeraj Sharma: Dheeraj is a wanderer of the Himalayas and blogs his adventures at devil on wheels. He now runs a community of Dow where he aims to connect people with similar love of the Himalayas to meet and connect. Go check his blog now!

Jatin: Jatin writes about travel & tips for traveling in his blog. He has done a lot of treks and travels and that too on his bike! He does both solo and group rides and his blog covers his journey. So if you are looking for information & inspiration for your bike journey - head on over to Jatin’s blog!

Arnab Maity: Arnab went on a bike ride to Bhutan in 2009 which changed his viewpoint. The trip made him realize how much he loved to travel and discover new vistas and culture & hence began his journey into traveling and blogging. He set up his blog to let his mother see the world through his eyes and it soon became an aspiration site for those who wanted to explore the world themselves. Visit his blog to read about his sojourns!

Ankita Sinha: Ankita is an award winning blogger who blends fashion, adventure & travel into her blog and vlogs about them as well! Her travel takes her to exotic lands and she covers them with almost a childlike story telling which will enthrall the readers! Head on over to her blog and check out her work now!