Why Join Influenzer?

Influenzer is a community of Influencers who love trying new products! With that being said, let's talk about why you should be part of this interesting community.



  1. Because Brands Love Feedback!!
Yes you heard it right, and you heard it here first! For years Brands have been the ones who have spoken about their products!! Well it is time and they have realised that it isn't helping them much. In this digital age it is time for the consumers to talk about Brands and products. Whether you love it or hate it, your opinion matters!! Brands have started a new role of listening to their consumers feedback. We at Influenzer make this easier for you and for the Brands. We provide you with free products which you will be trying for the first time and now your turn, go ahead talk about the products. Share your Honest Opinion, We Will Make Sure It Is Heard!!

   2. Be an Influenzer!!
You could be one of the first few to try a new product!! Now this is a pretty interesting reason to join Influenzer. Imagine being trying a product before your friends and family and you get to talk about the product on Social Media. This is what Influencers are made of!! Experience the products and talk about them on Social Media to complete the entire experience. We would love to see the reaction from your friends and family. 

  3. Get Rewarded!!
We reward our members with free interesting products in return for the honest opinion. If you are joining us just for the free products, then there isn't much I can say to you except that it is about the experience and not just the free stuff! We will be giving out interesting everyday consumer products which will make your life easier. We reward you just for sharing your honest opinion with your friends and family!

 Brand Influencers are high in demand these days, come join us to be part of the action now!!