#DrinkGreenCoffee by Nutrus

Why Join Campaign?

Discover the goodness of green coffee. Try out the best blend by Nutrus. Sign up to receive samples sent to your home. Experience it and share your feedback. Note: This campaign is open for Influencers across social media channels in Bengaluru only.

Hi everyone! We have a healthy proposition for you! Ditch your coffee for Green Coffee from Nutrus! 

If you are an influencer or a health conscious individual residing in Bengaluru, apply for the campaign and take your first step towards healthy lifestyle today.

Check out the benefits of drinking green coffee below:

  • Green Coffee helps reduce weight quickly
  • Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients
  • Green Coffee modulates Glucose & Fat metabolism
  • Nutrus Green Coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid
  • Very useful for fatty liver.

   After providing supreme quality green tea to the market, Nutrus is introducing green coffee to the market that promises good health to those who consume it. So, try out green coffee today by signing up for the #DrinkGreenCoffee campaign brought to you by Influenzer. All you have to do is apply for the campaign upon signing up and we shall send the   products to you.

   What do you have to do?

> Apply for the campaign once you sign up

> Answer the questions in the survey & fill in your contact details

> Once the product is delivered, try it and share your feedback on your social media channel through the campaign page

> Do not forget to use the hashtag #DrinkGreenCoffee as your share the post through our website.

   So, if you are an influencer in Bengaluru & like to try healthy products, apply now to receive free product. All we need you to do is Apply for the campaign, try the product and share your feedback on your social media channels! 

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