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Sign up for the Happy Mongo campaign & let your child experience it to increase their listening, speaking, reading & writing skills. This is a paid campaign so kindly fill in the survey and we will get in touch with you once your profile matches our specifications!

HappyMongo is a platform that provides innovative approach to improve a child’s Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills to make them a well -rounded individual to excel in his/her formative years, thus laying a solid foundation for the child’s development.

This is achieved through workbooks called blossom and the aid of desktops or mobile app that helps in building the child’s listening & cognitive skills. HappyMongo is looking for Mom bloggers and influencers to try out this unique platform for 3 months and share their experience with their followers on social media during the course. This program is developed for children of the age group 6-13 years old. Here are some very crucial ways in which HappyMongo helps your child become a better well-rounded individual:

1) Only course which trains a child on attention, memory, concentration followed by Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Maths and GK
2) Importance of developing language skills(we have to make parents realize how important is to improve language skills in this competitive world) - Language skill is an important factor that differentiates a child from others
3) Stories - the only way to make your child listen. HappyMongo Blossoms uses this powerful tool to help a child acquire language in the most interesting way
4) Grammars and Vocabularies carefully embedded inside the stories so that it reaches your child subconsciously
5) Story has both spoken and written vocabularies embedded to subconsciously fluency in spoken and written english
6) Amazing tool to improve  reading speed by 5X in just 3 months
7) Train kids on Maths and GK - one topic every month with the same story
8) Online Self assessment tool to test their LSRW skills any time.
9) 25 amazing brain training games to develop attention span, memory and concentration.
10) On the whole, a holistic program to develop skills.

What do you have to do?

Once you apply for the campaign and are approved, you need to subscribe to the program by visiting the website at www.happymongo.com . HappyMongo will provide you free access to their entire platform and a handy workbook shall be shipped to your address. Once you receive the materials you can start off with the training to equipping your child gain better cognitive and language skills.

More about HappyMongo

HappyMongo is an innovative story based program designed to improve the Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing skills, Mathematics and GK through a combination of hardcover activity books, web/mobile app and brain Training. HappyMongo helps your kids grasp knowledge faster through innovative training tools to give them self-esteem and strengths they need to become successful in school, carreer and throughout life.


HappyMongo BLOSSOMS series listening tool will help your child improve his or her listening skills by increasing their level of concentration & attention level through story telling.


HappyMongo BLOSSOMS series contain conversational language that will help build the child's spoken English ability in a more efficient way.


HappyMongo BLOSSOMS series introduces a new method for speed reading which helps your child increase their reading speed and help your child achieve better comprehensional level.


HappyMongo BLOSSOMS series will help your child write sentences without spelling errors and with correct English grammar and punctuation.


HappyMongo's learning modules are set in a game like set up which will help children grasp things faster than their peers of the same age. These settings allow them to develop cognitive skills such as geography, spatial recognition, matching, mathematics, telling time and more. This powerful program combines a hard cover workbook, online listening and speed reading tools & cognition training modules to help children build the necessary skills to succeed in schools and later in their life.

Let HappyMongo take care of your child today! Apply for the campaign now!


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