True Video Live App

What is this about?

True Video App is looking for social media savvy women under the age 18-22 to try their app. This is a paid campaign so hurry up and fill the survey and we will get in touch with you once we match your profile and if you meet our specifications!

Internationally acclaimed video app True Video Live has cemented its position as one of the most popular video apps and is now entering India with their fun features and creative content sharing space. Holaverse is the company that has built this App which lets people record & upload pictures with their own music on their Android phones.

True Video is a global community of short videos. Everyone can capture interesting, funny moments and share them with the world! True Video lets you seize and share similar moments with users all over the world. Give “hearts” to the videos you like and follow users who inspire and entertain you. You might just meet new friends with your interests!

What do you have to do?

We are looking for female users under the age 23 to try out this App and share their experiences to their users. If you get selected for the campaign, you will be required to make 2 videos per day. These can be under many categories – be it food, dance or something that is just plain fun! Click here for detailed terms and conditions.

Please go through all of them once and sign up for the campaign to earn for your posts! Here is a small summary of the same: 

> Said influencers must have an Android phone as this runs on Android only (for now).
> Influencers need to create minimum of 2 short videos per day without fail for 30 days
> The videos need to be of good quality
Video Creators will be paid 2,500 for 15 days, so a total of 5,000 for 30 days
> Low quality video uploaders shall be given feedback once if their video is of low qual, repeat of the same will lead to disqualification.

What all can you do with True Video?


Record your true life moments in 6 seconds short videos. It can be a selfie, your singing and dance moves, scenery, or just a simple hello to the world.


Users can also add custom music to the videos made. All you have to do is click on the right corner when recording the video which would open your list of music in your phone.


True also enables users to pause videos in between to make creative videos.

Video chain:

Start your own video chain if you have creative ideas, and let other users join your video! Make funny expressions, sing the same song, or share the moment of a same time.

Watch and follow other users:

You could watch and also follow your favorite True star, give them a “heart” or even follow them and you will receive notifications. You could also follow their chain to create similar videos.


One of the coolest function of True is the rewind function. The app reverses the videos been made by the user that would create cool videos which can ne then shared in the platform.


The videos which are created in True can then be shared into your Facebook timeline. Users need to have Facebook App installed in their phone to use this function.

We look forward to hearing from you!! 

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