Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why become a member of Influenzer?

By becoming a member of Influenzer, you will get the opportunity to try new and excting products , completely free. You can provide your feedback to the brands and also be a trendsetter in your social circle.

2. How to become a member of Influenzer?

It's simple, just Sign in with Facebook or Twitter. 

3. How does Influenzer choose members for a Brand Campaign?​

We are looking for infulencers, who love to share their opinion. Make sure you fill out as many surveys as possible,have a completed profile and make sure you join campaigns and share them on Facebook and Twitter. 

4. Why I am not offered any Brand Campaigns yet? 

Brands have certain criterias as to whom they want as a part of their Brand Campaigns. As long as you are actively sharing campaigns from Influenzer, filling out surveys and have a completed profile, you will get a Brand Campaign soon.

5. What if I don't share my opinion on Facebook and Twitter when I've been accepted in a Brand Campaign?

You will sadly be blocked , and you will no longer recieve any Brand Campaigns :( We don't want this to happen, please make sure you share your honest opinion about the product/service when you are accepted in a Brand Campaign. 

6. Should I always share positive feedback about a Brand?

No, you are entitled to share your honest opinion, whether it is positive or negative does not make a difference.

7. What are the next steps after being accepted in a Brand Campaign?

Once you are accepted to a Brand Campaign , you will recieve the product / coupons for services at your doorstep. You can experience the product/service and share your honest feedback on facebook and Twitter.

8. Why is my shipping address asked by Influenzer? 

We ask for your shipping address so that we can ship the products / coupons to your doorstep. 

9. How can I increase my chances of being accepted into a Brand Campaign?

Follow simple steps to being accepted in a Brand Campaign:

a) Have a complete profile

b) Answer as many surveys as possible

c) Keep Sharing.

10. What does Influenzer do with my information?

We use your information to match you with a Brand Campaign, and also for statistics purposes.

For more details , refer to our Privacy and Terms.