Influencer Marketing for your Brand by Influenzer

Influenzer is an online community of 5000+ Social Media Influencers who love trying new products and sharing their feedback on Facebook and Twitter. In doing so our members leverage the power of Social Media while providing the much appreciated feedback to Brands and creating Brand awareness. Influenzer boasts a vibrant community of trendsetters, social media enthusiasts and educated product testers for your brand to activate and jump-start advocacy and word-of-mouth.

We at Influenzer will ensure that the targeted consumer influencers experience your Brand. Whether your product has a niche market or a wide audience, our platform will allow your brand to efficiently identify thousands of socially active consumer influencers who match your brand’s exact target audience.

We will design a relevant, unique and conversation starting social media brand experience. This can include sending a product to the consumer influencers doorstep, guide them on what to share and ensure that they share their honest opinion of the exclusive brand experience they received. We can also add content from our end to the posts made by the user to social media. This content will be pre defined by our team along with your suggestions. We make sure that we connect brands to the right influencers. We can ensure the influencers share exclusive online content to create conversations.

We’ve built to leverage the greatest tool for word of mouth marketing in our generation which is social media. Our consumer influencers can easily share their brand experience on social media with the tools provided by Our community managers help and guide the influencers with sharing their honest opinions to Facebook and Twitter.

Influenzer monitors, analyzes and measures the impact of the influencer activity.

Our experienced and trained Community managers will provide your brand complete transparency to the influencer activity. Our platform is built in such a way that we can provide you with numerous analytics and data throughout the campaign. Our custom analytics delivers key metrics to show the reach and impact of the consumer content. At the end of the campaign we will be able to give you exact insights into data points such as: Total contributors to the campaign, number of unique content created, total number of impressions on social media and the total outreach of the campaign.

Influenzer aims to

  • Find the right Target Audience for your Brands

  • Influencers Try Your Product

  • Create User Generated Content on Social Media

  • Ensure the User Generated Content is as per the Brand's interests

  • Measure and Analyse the Outreach of the Brand Campaign

  • Conduct Surveys for your Brand's Market Research Data

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